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2 min readNov 24, 2021

C2D DASHBOARD — Ambassadors impact on Ocean Core Tech

Being an ambassador for a Web3 protocol has its many perks. Ambassadors typically get to develop relationships with like minded people, grow in the contact of other early adopters and innovators, learn first and in-depth about new product development, and get to meet and know the core team. Perhaps most importantly, one can make a difference in the growth of an environment.

In the Ocean Protocol ecosystem, Ambassadors come from all around the world and fill roles complimentary to their skillset which fosters creativity and expertise. Ocean Ambassadors are conscious contributors working on collective goals, and they have the freedom to work on projects aligning with the Ocean ecosystem.

Ocean Ambassadors are no simple evangelists, but they genuinely participate in creating tools to support the project’s core technology.

The latest technical contribution by the Ambassadors to Ocean Protocol was the creation of the Compute-to-Data (CtD) dashboard, an online app that lets users visualize the log files generated with privacy preserving AI training or usage.

Compute-to-Data by Ocean Protocol enables the buying and selling of private data from the Ocean Market webapp itself, allowing for decentralized data sharing in science or business contexts while preserving privacy and data security. Datasets are not allowed to leave the premises of the data holder, and only permitted algorithms can be run on them within an isolated and secure environment.

The output of CtD jobs consist of the data product as well as a json log file providing information about the computation. Ambassadors were tasked with the goal of creating a tool that would extract as much information as possible from some unstructured log files (not results) from CtD jobs, and organize them into visualizations. What the team created allows users to quickly and intuitively look at logs from CtD. Users can modify the predefined parsing parameters as they see fit to get the most relevant insights.

ex. dashboard results

The newly created CtD Dashboard is a powerful tool for users of Compute-to-Data, making it an indispensable companion to data scientists and private compute providers. All files Ambassadors worked on are open source and can be accessed from the Ocean Protocol github repository.

This is just another day for Ocean Ambassadors. The program succeeds in giving anyone interested in the decentralized data sharing community a way to learn and participate in ways previously not possible. Join us and build the new open and inclusive Data Economy!



Ocean Protocol Ambassadors

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